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Wind River, Insyriated and The Limehouse Golem

We deliver our verdict on Wind River, Syrian war drama Insyriated and Bill Nighy in The Limehouse Golem as well as British road movie comedy Moon Dogs. Plus, find out what’s on at this year’s London Film Festival, and our verdict on Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky.

Wind River l Insyriated l The Limehouse Golem l Moon Dogs l LFF line-up l Logan Lucky l Detroit l Hitman’s Bodyguard l Atomic Blonde l Dunkirk l War For The Planet of the Apes l Cars 3 l Spider-Man: Homecoming l Despicable Me 3 l 38 Films to see in 2017 l Top 20 films of 2016 l Sexiest women l Sexiest men

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