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Captain America: Civil War - Daniel Bruhl, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan interview

Captain America: Civil War

Interview by Rob Carnevale

DANIEL Bruhl, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan line up at the UK press conference for Captain America: Civil War to discuss some of the fun they had while filming.

Bruhl, in particular, recalls being invited to Robert Downey Jr’s trailer for dinner and why a sympathetic villain appealed to him, while Stan recalls the complexity of shooting the movie’s big fight scene.

Q. Daniel, your villain was one of the most sympathetic ones to have emerged in this universe so far. Will you be back?
Daniel Bruhl: I think that’s a question for Kevin [Feige]. I couldn’t answer that question. I hope so… but it’s not something I can…

Anthony Mackie: I think you just answered it! I hope so but no [laughs].

Q. But did you like the idea of playing a more sympathetic villain?
Daniel Bruhl: Well, that’s what attracted me right away because it’s not a cliche-type villain. He has his motivations and his reasons. So, I think that makes him a bit different.

Q. Anthony, as one of the guys with no super powers but a whole lot of weaponry, how do you feel your character contributes to the whole world?
Anthony Mackie: A lot of leg workouts. I have it in my contract that I have two from behind shots in the movie. So, thighs and quads… thighs and quads [raises eyebrows suggestively]. I’m just trying to give them what they want, you know. You can’t have the tree without the trunk!

Q. Is it true you had the biggest trailer on the set?
Anthony Mackie: I have a lot of stuff! It’s really nice. But Robert’s got five of them!

Paul Bettany: Robert actually has the smallest trailer… he just has another four trailers behind them.

Anthony Mackie: It’s like a kiddie choo-choo train!

Daniel Bruhl: I didn’t get one.

Kevin Feige: You got a chair.

Daniel Bruhl: On the first day I had to work with Robert, after five minutes he asked me if I had allergies. I didn’t understand the question. But when I was having my lunch, my burrito in my humble little trailer, he suddenly knocked at my door and he said I was cordially invited to Robert Downey’s village. I didn’t know what he was talking about at first but then in the far distance I saw this huge space with four or five trailers. I had a three-course meal. I was quite sad when he left.

Anthony Mackie: That was everybody’s goal, every day… to see who was going to be invited. You’d get so jealous. Like the day he [Daniel] was invited I was sitting in my trailer going “mother-f***r!”

Q. Sebastian, how was the reality of shooting the movie’s big fight scene for you?
Sebastian Stan: Well, half of us were there. Team Iron Man was… No, we shot it over five months, so it was sort of chopped up into bits. But most of the time it’s also what Anthony likes to describe as ‘acting with a tennis ball’ because you’re just there with your imagination and a green screen.

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