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Captain America: Civil War - Paul Rudd, Emily VanCamp and Elizabeth Olsen interview

Captain America: Civil War

Interview by Rob Carnevale

PAUL Rudd, Emily VanCamp and Elizabeth Olsen talk about some of their experiences of making Captain America: Civil War.

Rudd talks about how surreal it was seeing everyone for the first time, while VanCamp discusses her romantic scenes with Chris Evans and why she enjoyed getting a little bit more physical this time around. They were all speaking at a UK press conference…

Q. Paul, you interacted a little bit with The Falcon in Ant-Man. But as this was your first Avengers experience, was there an initiation ceremony or anything like that to make you part of the group?
Paul Rudd: No, everyone was very nice and very welcoming. It was a bit surreal to see everybody in their suits. It was a very welcoming feeling. This reference will just drop like a lead balloon. But I felt a little bit like Cousin Oliver coming along and joining the rest of The Brady Bunch.

Q. There were a couple of scenes that felt as though you were able to inject some of your own humour into the script. Is that fair to say?
Paul Rudd: Yeah, I was. Although most of the stuff is written. But these guys definitely told me to go ahead and play around with it a little bit. But that’s part of the fun of a character like Scott Lang… and it goes back to what Robert was saying about making the characters relatable. Scott wasn’t born with any super ability, so it’s fun to kind of see these characters through Scott Lang’s eyes and that’s kind of the way I felt shooting that scene. There was very little acting required.

Q. Emily, do you think your character can look forward to a further romance with Steve Rogers? or does your character think it’s a little bit icky because he had the hot’s for your auntie?
Emily VanCamp: Well, in the comic books they actually had a very interesting and complicated love affair, so that was something I loved during the research. But I don’t know how far we’ll go with that. I mean, it helps that she’s a great aunt. But I get that some people think it’s weird.

Q. But is it great to see your character get into some of the action this time?
Emily VanCamp: Yeah. It was so fun. Sharon is a badass in the comic books so it was nice to be able to play with that a little bit. These movies are great fun to make.

Q. When you’re on set with this much testosterone do you dig your heels in and go really girly or do you become bloke-ified?
Elizabeth Olsen: I don’t think I have to be extra girly or bloke-ified. I think hanging as yourself is good.

Emily VanCamp: Well, there is a lot of dudes! But it’s a really good environment.

Q. But do they kind of watch their language a little bit?
Emily VanCamp: No!

Elizabeth Olsen: I actually have to work on watching my own language.

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