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Does It Offend You Yeah? - You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into...

Does It Offend You Yeah?, You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into...

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

READING-based electro-indie rockers Does It Offend You Yeah? Taking form part of the ‘Nu-Rave’ sect occupied by the likes of Klaxons and company.

In little over 12 months, they’ve gone from a faceless Internet buzz band to one of the new acts to watch in 2008. Now known as a hard rocking, prank playing, crowd moving collective, James, Dan, Rob and Morgan‘s growth looks set to get bigger off the release of their debut album, the wordily self-indulgent You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into….

But while a couple of the tracks show signs of potential, the bulk of the LP is pretty forgettable and, quite frankly, annoying.

To be fair, DIOYY don’t attempt to hide their influences, whether it’s Justice, Daft Punk, Muse or DFA 1979. But large chunks of the long-player are repetitive, dull and pretty bargain basement to be honest.

Take the droning wail of Let’s Make Out as a prime example; a headache inducing wall of noise that straddles rave and electronica and repeats the same thing over and over. Songwriting clearly isn’t one of the boys’ greatest attributes.

Weird Science and Doomed Now are low-rent Daft Punk rip offs, complete with vocoder delivery and less interesting back beats.

While album opener Battle Royale fails to generate any excitement from the get-go, sounding deliberately kitsch and not really enticing.

But there are moments when the LP suggests there’s more to come from the DIOYY boys.

Another of the former singles, We Are Rockstars, mixes a nu-rave opening with a chorus that embodies the better elements of a Daft Punk concoction, while Dawn Of The Dead is a euphoric slice of synth pop that wears its ’80s influence shamelessly on its sleeve. It’s arguably the most accesible track on the album and a real guilty pleasure of a listen. If only there was more of it.

Worth a listen, too, are Being Bad Feels Pretty Good, which again lays on the pop tendencies and synths, while Epic Last Song ends things on a far higher note than much of the rest of the album deserves.

But each time the album seems to be heading in the right direction, they go and toss out something like the insanely manic and just as infuriating Attack Of The 60Ft Lesbian Octopus, which is nowhere near as fun as its title suggests.

By attempting to marry kitsch, leftfield sensibilities with something Daft Punk and the occasional pop moment, DIOYY have instead created an album that shines in places but, overall, feels like a tedious mess.

Download picks: We Are Rockstars, Dawn Of The Dead, Being Bad Feels Pretty Good

Track listing:

  1. Battle Royale
  2. With A Heavy Heart (I Regret To Inform You)
  3. We Are Rockstars
  4. Dawn Of The Dead
  5. Doomed Now
  6. Attack Of The 60 Ft Lesbian Octopus
  7. Let’s Make Out
  8. Being Bad Feels Pretty Good
  9. Weird Science
  10. Epic Last Song

  1. That song is an amazing tribute to the attack I made on the recording studio.

    ie. it’s one of the most fun tracks on the album and is even better live.

    The 60ft lesbian octopus    Mar 24    #
  2. Now this review sucks. More like a 4 out of 5, this is another example of Jack not really paying attentioion to what he’s listening to. This band has a great future ahead of them, so long as the split rumours continue to be denied

    Jake    Mar 27    #