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Frightened Rabbit - Recorded Songs EP (Review)

Frightened Rabbit, Recorded Songs EP

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

FRIGHTENED Rabbit have released a collection of three new recordings, which are available on all digital retailers and streaming services.

Produced by Frightened Rabbit and recorded by the band’s own Andy Monaghan, Recorded Songs includes ‘Roadless’ – written while making their most recent full length release, Painting Of A Panic Attack – as well as a more recent composition Rained On.

How It Gets In is a beautiful duet featuring acclaimed singer-songwriter Julien Baker, who has previously toured with Frightened Rabbit.

Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison explains: “These three songs seemed to exist happily next to one another, so it made sense to place them on an EP instead of wedging them into an album on which they didn’t fit. These are not B-sides or ‘bonus tracks.’ These are songs that still fill us with the same feelings that our albums can, and I’m happy that they now have a place to live.”


Roadless is a particularly laidback offering, constructed around a beautiful piano and drum loop combination and some wistful lyrics. It’s couched in some lush vocal harmonies and a reassuring set of vocals that only enhance the bittersweet sentiments underpinning it. It’s great just for kicking back and enjoying if you’re in a peaceful state of mind.

Rained On

A noticeably breezier offering, albeit couched in the same bittersweet lyricism, Rained On features some slick acoustic guitar licks and some nice electronic elements. The lyrics, on the other hand, show a lot of uncertainty as it explores the difficulty of navigating modern life (“nothing is sacred, not even our homes”). Once it hits the chorus, however, there’s a sense of empowerment underpinning it, with more robust guitar hooks, and a line that declares “I won’t be sorry anymore”. It’s an appealing mix of sentiments that capably taps into a certain public subconscious, but which delivers a rousing indie-pop anthem capable of setting the live dates ablaze.

How It Gets In (Featuring Julien Baker)

Quite possibly the standout offering from this three-track EP, How It Gets In is a wonderfully constructed, yet disarmingly simple, acoustic ballad featuring a collaboration with Julien Baker. Vocally, the boy-girl vocals work really well with each other, while the acoustic guitar work is sublime. The melodic hooks, while simple, are disarmingly effective and provide a warmth to the song that isn’t always evident in the bittersweet lyrics. As ever, Frightened Rabbit show how excellent they are at composing thoughtful songs that resonate lyrically while charming instrumentally.