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Alison Jackson: Shot To Fame - Leicester Square Theatre

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

GET a glimpse into what really goes on in Donald Trump’s meetings with Putin; the inside scoop into New Royal Power Couple Meghan and Kate; and what is Boris Johnson plotting in the background?

In a world first, BAFTA award-winning artist Alison Jackson takes to the stage to reveal the behind-the-scenes secret moments of the rich and famous (Donald Trump, Meghan and Harry, Her Majesty The Queen, William and Kate, Elton John, Boris Johnson and… Kim Kardashian!).

Jackson shows the world scenes we have all imagined but have never seen before – hoped, by most, to have been kept firmly behind closed doors.

Fake news, or just “alternative facts”? YOU decide.

Set to the backdrop of her photographs, videos, live stage makeovers and photoshoots, Alison Jackson tells the story of how she created a hilarious fake reality about the 21st Century obsession with celebrity.

Alison Jackson: Shot To Fame runs at Leicester Square Theatre from October 16 to October 20, 2018.

This fully immersive show also provides audience members with the unique chance to be a star! Jackson will roam the theatre to seek out suitable candidates and subject them to a live makeover on stage each night, with the rest of the audience judging who is the best celebrity at the end of the show.

Alison Jackson is a contemporary artist who explores the cult of celebrity – an extraordinary phenomenon created by the media, publicity industries and the public figures themselves. Her incredible work sits squarely in the middle of the current fake news, alternative facts or news debates. Jackson makes convincingly realistic work about celebrities doing a range of things in private using lookalikes. Likeness becomes real and fantasy touches on the believable. She creates scenarios we have all imagined but never seen before.

Jackson raises questions about whether we can believe what we see when we live in a mediated world of screens, imagery and internet. She comments on our voyeurism, on the power and seductive nature of imagery, and on our need to believe. Her work has established wide respect for her as an incisive, funny and thought-provoking commentator on the burgeoning phenomenon of contemporary celebrity culture.

Tickets: £19.25 (booking fee applies). To book, call the box office on 020 7734 2222 or visit

Times: 7pm (9.45pm on Saturday, October 20).