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Blue Elephant Theatre - Winter 2018

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Season preview

BLUE Elephant Theatre has announced its 2018 Winter Season and it offers fresh insight into much we think we know well.

The season opens with Windrush Square by Monument Theatre Company, a young company who have created a new show about 1980s Brixton based on true stories and accounts.

Again and again, shows this season eschew the straightforward narrative and seek out fresh perspectives and little-told stories. They look at the effects of drug addiction on families (My Brother’s Drug) and domestic abuse on children (Whisper Me Happy Ever After), telling the story World War I from the point of view of female munitions workers (Canary) or looking at mental health in Alice in Wonderland (Alice: The Lost Chapter).

Blue Elephant Theatre’s in house show for families, Baa Humbug, closes the season. A fun, interactive show for ages 4+, it is a new play about the importance of friendship, told with a liberal helping of Christmas magic and a playful nod to Scrooge.

Blue Elephant Theatre is also relaunching its Free Tickets for SE5 and SE17 Scheme. There are a limited number of free tickets for each show available to those with SE5 or SE17 postcodes, as part of the theatre’s ethos of engaging strongly with its local community.


Windrush Square from Monument Theatre Company – October 3 to October 5 at 8pm. Tickets: £12, £10 Concessions, £8 Southwark Residents.

It’s 1980s Brixton and the community have had enough. It’s time to rise up and pursue equality in the eyes of the law! Join the Johnsons in this moving and infectiously exuberant tale as an essential part of British history is unearthed and retold through the victories and tragedies of one family.

Moving, infectiously exuberant and informed by true stories, Windrush Square is Monument Theatre Company’s first production. Recent Physical Theatre graduates from Drama St Mary’s in Twickenham, they developed Windrush Square to illuminate recent history and create theatre which unites all people in a bid to eradicate the barrier between races.

It’s My Move from Face Front Inclusive Theatre – October 8 at 11.15am and 1.45pm. Tickets: £1.

Join Warren, Finley, Melody and Ade as they move into the big wide world. It’s My Move is about the transition from school to adult life. The 90 minute play is suitable for learning disabled young people aged 14 to 21 and ties in with their curriculum learning.

The piece is based on the ‘Forum Theatre’ style, where the audience explore how to make positive outcomes through changing the actions of the characters. It explores the issues for a group of young people with learning disabilities, and includes multiple communication tools including music, movement, poetry, makaton and film.

Face Front creates theatre that pioneers social change for an inclusive world. They use the transformational power of theatre to improve emotional well-being and address social injustice. Face Front is led by disabled and non-disabled arts practitioners who make multi-layered theatre that is accessible to all.

A Little bit of Life (in concert) from Glitter Theatrical – October 9 at 8pm. Tickets: £10, £8.50 Concession, £7.50 Southwark Residents, £5 Student Offer.

A Little Bit of Life is a fun musical for anyone touched by nostalgia for 1980s pop culture, whether you experienced it the first time round or not. It will premiere in December and will include some of the biggest hits from the 1980s.

Join us for a sneak preview of A Little Bit of Life as Glitter Theatrical present a concert featuring a selection of songs from the show. Come listen to your favourite 80s tunes and get a sense of what a fabulous show A Little Bit of Life will be.

With book by Mikolaj Chrobot, A Little Bit of Life has musical direction by Lukas McCabel, scenic design by Neil Hellard and choreography by Becky Harrison. Associate musical director is Joe Shafique.

All Aboard with Mr Windrush – October 12 at 4.30pm and 6.30pm (at The Trunk, Artworks Elephant, SE17 1AY) and October 20 at 11am and 2pm (at John Harvard Library). Tickets: Free.

Join Sam Beaver King (one of the original passengers of the Empire Windrush who later went on to found the Notting Hill Carnival and also became the first Black Mayor of Southwark) on his journey.

Children and adults alike will be encouraged to make the boat, sounds and songs of the sea and act as crew members for the Empire Windrush. As the journey continues, traditional Afro-Caribbean and West Indian stories will be told, using drama, music and dance.

My Brother’s Drug from GreenWheel Theatre and HiddenViewz – October 18 at 8pm. Tickets: £7, £6.50 concessions, £5 Southwark residents. Suitable for ages 14+ (or with parental supervision).

A hard-hitting, emotional exploration of the effects of addiction on the family, My Brother’s Drug is a one woman show fusing physical theatre, rhythms and spoken word. Told from the point of view of an addict’s sister, it tells the story of a cycle of stolen possessions, 999 calls and disappearances.

My Brother’s Drug is produced by GreenWheel Theatre in association with HiddenViewz and presented as a work in progress performance. GreenWheel Theatre specializes in fusion theatre, combining spoken word, movement and political themes. My Brother’s Drug is its first play, and it has also recently been performed at the Edinburgh and Isle of Wight fringe festivals.

Alice: The Lost Chapter from Joelene English Dance Theatre – October 23 and 24 at 8pm. Tickets: £10, £9 Concessions, £8 Southwark Residents. Recommended for ages 14+ (or with parental supervision).

Delving into the obscure mind of Lewis Carroll, this intricate and engaging dance, film and theatre performance takes the onlooker through the subconscious mind of Alice.

Who lives within her imagination: fact or fiction?

Meanwhile, The Queen reviles in Narcissism, The Hatter is engulfed with Madness shackled to Time, the White Rabbit’s anxiety is fuelling agitation and The Cheshire Cat’s distorted reality offers insight to those watching on the outside.

Joelene English Dance Theatre is a Contemporary Dance Theatre collective led by choreographer and performance artist, Joelene English. The development of Alice: The Lost Chapter has been informed by Joelene’s research into the condition of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and how elements of this disorder could be mirrored in the character of Alice.

Alice: The Lost Chapter is performed by Wayne Summerbell, Alicia Meehan, Kane Mills, Krista Vuori and Charley Thompson.

The Witch of Elephant Park – October 20 at 11am, 1pm and 3.30pm. Tickets: Free. This performance is outside in Elephant Park.

Elephant Park has its own witch and she is very excited that it is nearly Halloween. It’s time to get all her spells in order so she can work her magic. She just needs a little help finding the right ingredients….

Trick or treat with the witch, her cat and a whole host of creepy crawlies as part of Elephant Park’s Halloween programme. Blue Elephant Theatre brings a touch of spookiness and silliness to Elephant Park with this interactive family performance, suitable for ages 3+.

Canary from Fun in the Oven Theatre – November 11 at 4.30pm and 7.30pm. Tickets: £12, £10 Concessions, £8.50 Southwark Residents. Suitable for age 12+ with parental guidance (mild references of a sexual nature and mild swearing).

Meet Agnes, Anne and Betty, a motley crew of munitions workers ‘doing their bit’ for the war. They make bombs. Factory life seems perfect until an air raid sends them on an explosive journey through euphoric emancipation, forbidden friendships and anarchic dreams.

Canary was created in collaboration with the award-winning Spanish Physical Theatre Company Teatro En Vilo. Seamlessly combining high quality physical theatre with contemporary sound design, the show offers audiences a rare insight into life during the First World War from the unique perspective of Britain’s munitions workers – The Canary Girls. Join Fun in the Oven Theatre on Armistice Sunday as they celebrate and commemorate the lives of Britain’s unsung war heroes.

Canary is performed by Robyn Hambrook, Alys North and Katie Tranter.

Bright Raven! from HOAX – November 15 at 8pm. Tickets: £6, £5 Concessions, £5 Southwark residents.

Bright Raven is starting a cult(ish) revolution and she wants YOU to sign your soul up. Blending dark clown and electronic music, Bright Raven! is a rallying whoo-up for these turbulent times.

HOAX is a company of theatre makers. They specialise in provocative contemporary work and concrete piping. They blend text, physical theatre and comedy to give voice to social and ecological issues. They are very serious and very silly.

Bright Raven! is created and performed by Flavia Bertram.

For Only An Hour – November 16 and 17 at 8pm. Tickets: £12, £10 Concessions, £7.50 Southwark Residents.

For Only An Hour is a pseudo-glamorous, one man romp through childhood dreams, pop culture and queer art, danced to a hilarious soundtrack of Angela Lansbury, Delia Smith and Bette Midler. Revealing itself as a ‘coming out’ story, this is a journey into what it means to live out loud.

For Only An Hour is a manifesto about what we want to be when we grow up. It addresses the limitations placed on us in youth in terms of gender, conformity and specialism. We are encouraged to specialise and succeed at one thing but here we look at what it means to want to succeed at multiple things and what it means to be allowed to dream.

It also highlights the need for more visibility of LGBTQ+ art and aims to bring together audiences from both within and without LGBTQ+ communities through public engagement activities that inform and educate the general public about the world of queer art.

For Only An Hour is created and performed by Phil Sanger.

Whisper Me Happy Ever After from Face Front Inclusive Theatre – November 19 at 10.30am and 1.30pm. Tickets: £1.

Big brother Aaron’s great at making up adventures but Yasmin longs for happy ever afters like Mum used to tell… but Mum doesn’t have time anymore. The play follows a family experiencing domestic abuse and explores the effects on the mental health of children who witness it. It is both humorous and disturbing.

The audience share lots of practical and emotional thinking about what they could do in a similar situation. After the theatre piece, pupils interact with the characters and consider what they could have done to get the help they needed and deserved. Subsequently, pupils can talk to a counsellor and team members to discuss personal issues raised by the play.

#nofilter from Ella&co – November 21 at 4.30pm and 8pm. Tickets: £7, £5 Concessions, £5 Southwark Residents.

Journey through the confessions of a millennial in the comedic and relevant #nofilter. A fast-paced series of images, movement and dialogue ponder the curious and fantastical in millennial life. Bright, zesty and at times touchingly tender, #nofilter brings our performative online personas to the performative stage setting with just a small helping of kale.

Him Indoors – November 22 to November 24 at 8pm. Tickets: £7.50, £5 Concessions, £5 Southwark Residents.

Come on down to Tittitutar town, where things are not quite right….it’s something you can’t put your finger on but one journalist is determined to get to the bottom of the town’s peculiarities. Hearing about a strange lady who claims she has a small man squatting in her stomach, he heads up North to meet her and the rest of the town’s inhabitants.

Him Indoors is an absurd and ridiculous comedy with a splash of horror, set in a strange town populated with oddbods, misfits and nosy-parkers.

Land of Nod from Moon on a Stick – November 25 at 2pm and 4pm and November 26 at 10.45am and 1.30pm. Tickets: £5, £3 Southwark Residents.

Where do we really go when we fall asleep? Join Blue Elephant Theatre as it folds into sleep and explores a dream world, created especially for you. A magical, multi-sensory production filled with laughter, audience interaction, surprises and song, designed especially for children aged 3+ and their families. Land of Nod blends puppetry, captivating storytelling and an enchanting musical score in a story of tiredness, over-tiredness, wonder and waking up.

Solo Roulette – November 27 to November 29 at 8pm. Tickets: £10, £9 Concessions, £8 Southwark Residents.

An evening of solo performance featuring celebrity satire, terminal illness and love

Solo Roulette is an evening of solo works-in-progress, developed from the Solo Theatre Workshop at the Actor’s Centre run by Colin Watkeys. The performances are supported by the Face to Face Solo Theatre Festival.

Baa Humbug from Blue Elephant Theatre – December 8 to December 15. Weekends at 2pm and 4pm; Weekdays at 10.45am and 1.30pm. Tickets: £5, £3 Southwark Residents and Concessions.

I don’t need friends. I don’t want friends. I’m perfectly fine all by myself, thank you very much.

Join a rambunctious group of farm animals on Christmas Eve as they celebrate the holiday season. The only problem is Humbug the Sheep thinks it’s a waste of time to have friends and play their silly games. But is Humbug really happy all alone?

With the help of the Farmer, a time-travelling tractor and a little bit of Christmas magic, Humbug the Sheep comes to see how important it is to have friends and to feel happy about new experiences.

Baa Humbug will captivate and entertain children aged 4+ and their adults. As they join Humbug’s journey of self-discovery, the audience will learn about recognising difficult emotions and how to react positively to them. Blue Elephant Theatre’s endearing and funny show encourages children and adults alike to celebrate the power of friendship, whilst singing, playing and having lots of fun.

For more information and to book tickets, visit