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Boom Bang-a-Bang - Above The Stag Theatre

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

FIRST performed in 1995 to sell-out audiences at the Bush Theatre and originally directed by Kathy Burke, Boom Bang-a-Bang, Jonathan Harvey’s high-camp, farcical exploration of sexuality, runs at Above The Stag Theatre from May 3 to June 9, 2019.

Boom Bang-a-Bang is described as a gloriously bittersweet play, set in Kentish Town on Eurovision night 1995, Lee’s first Eurovision party since his partner Michael died.

Lee is nervous. He and Michael were known for hosting the best Eurovision parties in town. Now Michael is dead (from a brain tumour, contrary to the gossips whispering that it was AIDS), and Lee wants to honour his memory while proving he can manage by himself.

But there’s a rival party in town and most of Lee’s most fabulous friends seem to think the mourning vibe will dampen his soiree! Will anybody come? Will they get on? Will they get on too well? Will there be too many straight people?

Although there are plenty of in-jokes and the title is the same as Lulu’s 1995 winning tune, you don’t have to be a Eurovision fan to enjoy Boom Bang-a-Bang because it’s about the very human rivalry between those gathered to enjoy the competition and getting far below the skin of ostensibly stereotypical gay characters.

Lee is joined by a small but far from select gathering of friends. In scouser Lee, his adopted sister Wendy, irrepressible Steph, beautiful rave boy Roy, awkward Norman from the flat upstairs and warring couple Nick and Tanya, writer Jonathan Harvey has weaved an explosively celebratory plot, which astutely reimagines the bounds of conventional sexual and gender categories. As the atmosphere heats up recriminations and revelations fly and there will be blood, sweat and tears before the voting begins.

Boom-Bang-a-Bang is an intimate get-together of a performance, brimming with hilarity and host to instantly familiar and long memorable characters. High farce and lashings of campiness combine with sensitive insight, in this comedic exploration of LGBT+ subcultures.

The cast includes Adam McCoy (as Lee), Tori Hargreaves (Wendy), Sean Huddlestan (Roy), Florence Odumosu (Tania), Christopher Lane (Steph), John Hogg (Nick) and Joshua Coley (Norman).

Boom-Bang-a-Bang is directed and designed by Andrew Beckett (Grindr the Opera, Above The Stag).

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Above The Stag Theatre, 72 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TP