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Female consent and robotics are tackled in timely new piece at Leicester Square Theatre

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

SQUIRE Lane Theatrical are presenting Version 2.0, by Kashyap Raja, at Leicester Square Theatre (The Lounge) – from February 20 to March 3, 2018.

Version 2.0 is a new play in which issues of female consent and robotics are thrown together in a timely new piece challenging the superficiality of modern society.

Kash, a playwright, is obsessively in love with his childhood friend Karen. Kash silently expresses his love for Karen by writing plays for her and she returns his admiration by acting in them. Their enduring friendship falls apart when Karen rejects Kash, infuriating him to such an extent that he refuses to see her again. After the rejection, he isolates himself from everyone and gradually falls into a depression.

A robotic society offers Kash an opportunity to live with a humanoid companion, and in return that society wants him to introduce their robots to the world via the means of theatre. Kash accepts the invitation and creates a robot that looks exactly like Karen. He prepares a new show with the humanoid look-alike of Karen and presents her in front of a live audience.

Version 2.0 explores the effect of social media culture on real human relationships, and asks whether a robot can replace a true human and face to face relationships.

Version 2.0 is directed by Kevin Michael Reed, who said: “We seem to think we know people just by being “friends” with them on Facebook, but those idealized worlds presented are not truth. When placed in the wrong hands, those worlds are dangerous.”

Reed is an award-winning, internationally published fashion photographer, producer and director from New York City, currently living in London. He is the founder and president of Squire Lane Endeavors and its subsidiaries Squire Lane Films and Squire Lane Theatrical. He produced the critically acclaimed productions of Reese Thompson’s WHORE: A Kid’s Play and Joy Donze: 13 & Not Pregnant at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and Shadows in London also in 2017.

Version 2.0 is performed by Tim Atkinson and Tracey Pickup.

The production has original music by John Kerfoot, costume design by Jovana Gospavic and set design by Martin Scott Marchitto.

Tickets: £17, £15 concessions – available online at

Times: Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm; Saturday matinees at 3.30pm.

Running Time: 90 minutes.