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Little Soldier Productions raise a middle finger to Brexit with Derailed at the Ovalhouse

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

INTERNATIONAL theatre company Little Soldier raise a middle finger to Brexit with a blow-out gig-theatre leaving party for anyone who has ever hoped to make a difference. Entitled Derailed, it runs at the Ovalhouse from February 21 to March 3, 2018.

Twelve years after arriving in the UK, with too many heartbreaks to count, one child, half a marathon, five drum lessons and a permanently overdrawn bank account, Patricia and Mercè are feeling the post-Brexit blues.

So what else is there to do apart from host the mother of all leaving parties with gazpacho, live rock music, dancing, Theresa May, pig costumes, the Dalai Lama and cava to toast an uncertain future?

Fuelled by rage at the state of world, they ask the audience to help turn anger into positive action and crowd-source a new online petition for each show.

Following the Stage Award-winning The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, Little Soldier explore the forms, advantages and limitations of protest, from the new digital era of clicktivism and getting angry on Facebook to their own personal attempts at activism as they look back on their time together in Britain and how they could have made things better.

Bringing their distinctive brand of clowning, comedy, music and audience interaction to the mix, the revolution is about to get messy…

Mercè said: “Back in 2014 we were feeling powerless and angry, and so we decided we wanted to make a show that might – even in a small way – be able to change the world. However, every time we stepped out of the rehearsal room, events overtook us: both more epically silly and potentially personally devastating than we could have imagined. We eventually realised that all any of us can do is contribute the way we know best, and this is our speciality: inviting people to great parties with Spanish food and drink, being silly and telling stories about what matters most.”

Patricia said: “After a decade in the UK, a country we feel very much part of, and particularly after Brexit, we are more than ever aware of our roots as foreigners and our role as women running a theatre company. We want to make theatre which reflects our passion and desire to contribute to the place where we live but is also capable of interrogating it.”

Little Soldier Productions was founded by award-winning performers Patricia Rodríguez and Mercè Ribot. They are clowning, devising and physical theatre specialists, who have toured extensively nationally and abroad (US, Mexico, Spain and Poland), developing a strong reputation for using devising and improvisation techniques.

Little Soldier’s recent productions include critically-acclaimed shows The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha (Stage Award 2014) and You and Me (Argus Angel 2013).

Derailed is created and performed by Thomas Abela, Dan Lees, Mercè Ribot and Patricia Rodríguez. Dramaturgy and direction are by Jesse Briton and Ben Kidd, design is by Gonçalo Carvalho and Marta Szynkiewicz and lighting design by Pablo Fernandez Baz. Music composed by Thomas Abela and Dan Lees.

To watch trailer, click here.

Derailed is suitable for ages 14+.

Tickets: £15, £10 concessions, £9 Under 26s. To book, call the box office on 020 7582 7680 or visit

Time: 7.30pm (not Sunday, February 25 or Monday, February 26).

Running Time: 75 minutes.