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South African Season - full schedule announced

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

THE full schedule has been announced for Jermyn Street Theatre’s South African Season, which runs from June 10 to July 12, 2014.

As well as Reza De Wet’s Fever; Athol Fugard’s Statements After An Arrest Under The Immorality Act; District 6, Our Buckingham Palace, co-authored and performed by Basil Appollis; and Jack Klaff’s Under A Foreign Sky, the plays will include The Man in the Green Jacket by Eliot Moleba.

It wasn’t until that day I saw how small our lives were. It wasn’t enough just to provide food; I wanted more. Today I might not be where I wanted to be … but my apples will fall far from this tree.

Oupa’s trying to help his father, John, to move on. Oupa’s saving up for a pair of football boots for his son, Tumi. Oupa stays out late at secret meetings and comes home breathless. John knows what is happening. John has seen this scene before.

Inspired by the events of the miners strikes in 2012 which saw the deaths of 34 and the injuring of 78, Moleba’s charming and honest play asks what it means to be a father and what it means to be a man in working class South Africa; where exercising your civilian right to strike for better pay could be met with lethal force.

The Man in the Green Jacket will be directed by Roy Alexander Weise and designed by Victoria Johnstone.

There will also be a number of Sunday Events:

Audrey Brown – June 22 at 4pm.

After the performance of District 6 there will be a discussion about South Africans and displacement, led by Dr Cindy Lawford and featuring Audrey Brown, the presenter of Network Africa on the BBC’s World Service.

Janet Suzman – June 29 at 4pm.

Janet Suzman and friend Greig Coetzee take you on a light-hearted trek through forgotten South Africa, discovering the pleasures and pains of Afrikaans comic writing.

Doreen Mantle – July 6 at 4pm.

One of the UK’s favourite actresses talks about her own experience of growing up in South Africa.

Produced by Clive Chenery and Artistic Director Anthony Biggs, South African Season continues Jermyn Street Theatre’s policy of rediscovering rarely performed plays and playwrights, and championing new writing. Biggs was appointed AD in 2013 having previously been Associate Director for three years during a period of unprecedented change for which the theatre won the Stage 100 Award for Fringe Theatre of the Year 2012 and was nominated for The Peter Brook Empty Stage Award.

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