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Star of ITV’s Transformation Street takes to the stage in Dead and Breathing

LIZAN Mitchell and Kim Tatum are set to star in the first UK run of acclaimed US social satire Dead and Breathing. Written by Chisa Hutchinson, it plays at Unity (Liverpool) from February 7 to February 17 and The Albany (London) from February 19 to March 3, 2018.

Spiteful old Carolyn Whitlock wants to die already. She’s been sick with cancer for almost as long as she can remember and the pain has made her so mean that there’s no one left who loves her.

Carolyn just wants to give up, but in order to do so, she’s going to have to work harder than she ever has in her privileged life to convince her very Christian nurse Veronika to help her. But Veronika isn’t all she seems, and so before Carolyn can die in peace, they’ll both need to let go of everything they believe about what is right.

Can this well-to-do widow, slowly succumbing to cancer manage to convince, her home nurse, to help her end her life? It wouldn’t be easy at the best of times, but it becomes almost impossible when Carolyn finds a final hurdle she must overcome.

Spoiled, privileged, sheltered and judgemental she is repulsed by transsexuals and Veronika happens to be one. If Carolyn wants her own way, she will not only have to convince Veronika to do something that goes against her every belief; she will also need to choose what she denounces with revulsion as “death by tranny.”

Dead and Breathing is a dark comedy of ethics and mortality that positions the right to die against the right to live your own life. Through constantly surprising humour and persistent questioning, Dead and Breathing investigates morality, mortality, and the intense tug-of-war between the right to die with dignity and the idea of life as a gift.

Lizan Mitchell’s TV credits include Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Good Wife and The Wire. Her stage work on Broadway includes Electra, Having Our Say and So Long on Lonely Street.

Well known as Mzz Kimberley in Transformation Street, a three part ITV documentary following the staff and patients in a London gender clinic, Kim Tatum’s other TV credits include EastEnders, Cold Feet and Project Cat Walk. She has also appeared on stage in Summer in London at the Theatre Royal Stratford East.

Dead and Breathing reunites award-winning film and theatre maker Rebecca Atkinson-Lord and multi award-winning playwright Chisa Hutchinson. Domesticity, the short film they made together won the Best Short Film award at the Discover Film Festival in London.

Tickets (The Albany): £14, £10 concessions. To book, call 020 8692 4446 or visit

Time: 7.30pm.