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The Playground Theatre - May to June 2020

Season preview

THE Playground Theatre has announced its early Summer season and it consists of three very different shows, travelling from ancient Greece, to 1940s America, to 1980s Paris.

The season opens with Fragments, which pieces together a long-lost Euripides play from pieces of papyrus, followed by The Respectable Prostitute, in which powerful people spread false truths for their personal ambition, and closes with Blue Electric directed by Hugh Hudson, who directed the 1981 film Chariots of Fire.

The season starts with a brand-new play by Laura Swift and Russell Bender. A play within a play, Fragments (April 30 to May 16) contains enticing snippets of a lost play by Euripides. Looking at how archeologists and historians reconstruct the past, it also questions how we construct memories, stories and world views based on our perceptions and assumptions.

Inspired by the vast collections of papyrus stored in museums around the world, Fragments starts with two archeologists tending to scraps of an ancient Greek manuscript in the light of an overhead projector, piecing together a lost masterpiece.

Presented by Potential Difference in Association with The Playground Theatre, the performance combines drama, humour, shadow puppetry and song.

From May 20 to June 6, The Playground Theatre teams up with Jonathan Taylor Productions to present the play by French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre that sparked a major international film. Not seen on stage for nearly 75 years, The Respectable Prostitute is set in 1940s Louisiana.

1940s America is hot, steamy, and wild. Neon signs fill the streets with light while a sinister air blows. In the midst of lies, fake news, racism and other daily affronts in the southern United States, an innocent prostitute wants to tell the truth about a brutal murder while an influential senator tries to convince her otherwise.

Finally, The Playground Theatre and husband and wife team, Alba Arikha and Tom Smail, present an opera based on Arikha’s memoir Major/Minor. Blue Electric (June 8 to June 14) is a captivating glance into the life of an average teenage girl in 1980s Paris, and the extraordinary historical secrets lurking in her father’s past.

A teenage girl in 1980’s Paris attempts to lead a normal adolescent existence – falling in love, rebelling, searching for her identity – against the backdrop of her volatile artist father’s secret history of war, holocaust and exile.

Blue Electric is an opera of juxtapositions: contemporary orchestral music and bursts of pop music, adolescent preoccupations and S.S. death camps. It will be directed by Hugh Hudson, director of the BAFTA and Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire.

The Playground Theatre’s Spring 2020 Season.

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