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Budnubac - Que Se Yo

Review: Jack Foley

NOT heard of Budnubac? You might want to when you get a load of this!

Budnubac is the brainchild of Robin Taylor-Firth, long time co-conspirator with Nightmares on Wax, and the brains behind Olive's seminal hit, You're Not Alone. He also produced Baddest Ruffest, by Backyard Dog.

In Budnubac guise, Taylor-Firth expertly blends Cuban, dub, salsa and Latin sounds into a beautiful mix of funky cuts that, quite literally, blow you away.

Together with Miguel Migueis, Rawle Bruce and vocalists, Sara Garvey and Siobhan Gallagher, Budnubac have delivered an album that's virtually guaranteed to ease you into a good mood - if you can find it.

As with most trendy records such as these, it can be difficult tracking them down in mainstream outlets - a fact which only makes the discovery of such records all the more rewarding.

From the opening moments of the ultra-hip Buenas, featuring some tantalising keyboards and a gradual beat, the track oozes style, thanks to Taylor-Firth's guitars and Bruce's brilliant bass.

The beat which kicks in at around the two-minute mark is pure perfection, complimented brilliantly by the funky guitar riff that precedes it. You'll be nodding along in appreciation.

The opening moments of Maria are pure Nightmares on Wax in inspiration, before settling into a deliciously Latin/Cuban vocal from Miguel Migueis that evokes memories of Havana.

While the upbeat percussion and keyboards of Eight are given an excellent bedding by Enrico Marchesi's trumpet.

Sheffield-based Siobhan Gallagher lends her jazzy vocal style to the urgent, dub-driven Don't Follow The Flag, which sounds deliciously retro, while Nightmares vocalist, Garvey, makes the soulful Indestructible play like a dream, complete with well-realised flute and some truly magnetic keyboards.

Together, they give the funky I'm Gonna Follow a neatly contrasting vocal style.

Elsewhere, the delightful flutes of Henrik Linnemann lend a playful, upbeat vibe to Fluty Loops, while the party vibe of deepest, darkest Cuba really kicks in on the trumpet-laden Quedate Conmigo, which leads in nicely to the upbeat album closers, Hey Senorita and Eleven.

If you can imagine the blissful cuts of Nightmares on Wax given a Latin injection, complete with some of the funkiest beats and melodies around, then this is the album for you.

Make absolutely sure you seek it out.



Track listing:
1. Buenas
2. Maria
3. Eight
4. Don't Follow The Flag
5. I'm Gonna Follow
6. Indestructable
7. Fluty Loops
8. Dejalo Tio
9. Estoy Loco
10. Quedate Conmigo
11. Hey Senorita
12. Eleven

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